March 25, 2021


I think I’ve finally got this working properly, but who knows how much longer it will stay online so I’d better write this quickly.

I’d been looking for a way to better perform searches for this blog within the config. That is to say, for certain routes, I’d like posts with certain characteristics to appear. The criteria for the posts are a search, and are associated to the route configuration.

February 22, 2021


I had mentioned a while back that I had written a new application to serve this blog, written in Elixir, and called it “Eldir”. No sooner had I done that than I started goofing around with Go, and wrote a brand new application for serving this blog, which I’m calling “Sn”, for “Tin”.

Sn is built with the same concept in mind as with Eldir – to take as input a directory of markdown files (usually part of a local git checkout) and a config file, and serve a dynamic, templatized site from them. The constraints I set for myself are basically the same, where I’d like to load all of the data into memory, and then never touch disk unless serving a static file directly.

February 02, 2021


About 14 years ago, we brought Deimos and Phobos into our home from Berta’s sister’s cat’s litter in Johnstown. The two Maine Coon brothers - named after the sons of the war-god Ares, the personification of dread and fear - each had their own personalities, even as kittens.

Deimos was the playful adventurous cat of the pair. His favorite activities were fetching thrown pipe cleaners and trying to sneak out the back door when you weren’t looking. He would insist on being pet while I drank coffee in the morning, and when I didn’t, he’d bite my toes. Deimos was more friendly with people, but still preferred his family of humans. He’d sit in his cat tree during the day and chirp at the birds outside.

January 01, 2021

Inversion of Gravity

Are you prepared for the sudden and complete inversion of gravity?

I don’t expect that anyone can truly be ready. Similarly, for the sudden stopping of the Earth’s rotation, I think we’re woefully underprepared.

May 05, 2020


I’ve been thinking about how to plan not just a large development project, but multiple large development projects together on a timeline and allow for interrupt work.

We’ve managed to put together a roadmap for the next fiscal year. It looks nice, and it conveys useful information for our plan for the year. But it has some flaws, and I’ve been mentally taking a step back to try to understand the purpose of having a roadmap, and what useful results it feeds.